What makes Stupidly Useful® so stupidly useful?

Vacuum Storage Bags

» All Stupidly Useful Vacuum Bags are made from 110 Micron plastic, which is 80% thicker and stronger than the standard 60 Micron used in most “normal” vacuum bags
» Every bag has a double zip seal to retain the vacuum for months on end
» A self sealing valve keeps the air out after vacuuming while you screw the cap back on for a full airtight seal

Bedding Storage Bags

» Heavy Duty Underbed Storage Bags in 85L and 140L capacity with 4x reinforced handles
» The ultimate bedding chest – 215 litres in capacity with fully reinforced lifting handles

Wardrobe Organisers

» Premium 5 Shelf unit for all wardrobes » Uniquely designed 8 shelf heavy duty hanging shelves with 6 side pockets (4 normal & 2 large)


Find out why we believe Stupidly Useful products are worth your money
"Excellent service. Good product. Would recommend." Amazon Verified Customer Review, April 2015

Stupidly Useful is a range of storage bags created uniquely for us by specially selected manufacturers. We use different manufacturers depending on the style of bag.
We are wholly owned by the privately held UK company, Touchpaper Digital Ltd, who also own premium household storage brand, Neusu. In 2013, after yet another cheap bag fell apart on us, the idea for a range of bags that concentrated simply on quality rather than price was born. While we realised that products had to be competitively priced, we strongly believed that people would pay a little bit more to end the frustration of having things fall apart on them when they needed them most, so we set about finding a manufacturer who could produce quality we demanded.
We found it much harder than you might expect, with many manufacturers adamant that cheaper or thinner materials were perfectly adequate, despite our clear personal experience to the contrary (yours too, we suspect). So we persevered until we found someone that could produce the products to our standards and shared our vision for quality.
We had different versions created with different valves and zips until we settled on the combination that was the toughest without being unusable and then we tested the bags to ensure that the vacuum remained complete for months on end. Only when we were completely satisfied did we launch the products to the public.
The Stupidly Useful bags are now available from Amazon in the UK, France and Germany and have won five star reviews from users from day and continue to do so now. We hope you find the bags up to your standards.

  • The thickest, strongest bags you can buy

  • Available in a wide variety of sizes

  • Used by thousands of customers across Europe

  • Backed by customer service that's second to none

Vacuum Bag Sizes

Make sure you get the right size bag for the job

Explanation of Stupidly Useful Sizes

» Medium: 70cm x 50cm, 10 Pack, suitable for clothes (ideal for storing baby clothes) Buy Now on
» Large: 80cm x 60cm, 5 Pack, suitable for clothes Buy Now on
» Extra Large: 100cm x 70cm, 5 Pack, suitable for clothes and bedding/duvets (double) Buy Now on
» Jumbo: 130cm x 100cm, 5 Pack, suitable for king size duvets Buy Now on


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